Thursday, 11 July 2013


Watch_Dogs is a new game developed by Ubisoft that explores the impact of technology in modern society. You play a hacker with a thuggish past, taking control of an operating system that manages all of Chicago - with this system, you have all sorts of info on every resident of the city, as well as remotely controlling the entire infrastructure.
...and if you think that sounds far-fetched, allow Ubisoft to prove you wrong. They've created a live, real-time map of London (as well as maps for Paris and Berlin) that acts as a digital helicopter-view of our city as it goes about its daily business. It's all interactively clickable - clicking on a traffic light will show a web of all of the other lights it's linked to in that microsystem; clicking a tweet will show the Twitter user and what they said; clicking an Instagram icon will show the photo in question and who posted it; clicking a Boris bike station will show how many bicycles are available; clicking a Tube train gives a countdown in seconds until it arrives at the next station... it goes on and on. Genuinely fascinating stuff.
Click here -

And here's the game trailer:

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