Thursday, 11 July 2013


You may be familiar with the Grand Theft Auto franchise - it's been around since 1997, and since 2001 in the first-person guise that's best known. Stealing cars, shooting at police helicopters, killing hookers, you know the drill - it's a dystopian criminal extravaganza which, if you're into that kind of thing, is thoroughly addictive.
...and if you're not into that, you soon will be. Why? Because the forthcoming GTA V is set to be so mind-bogglingly massive that you could pretty much actually live in it. As the first-person player, you toggle between three disparate protagonists, each going about their naughty business, but the game also offers 'a touch of voyeurism' - there's a whole city of people getting up to their own particular hijinks, and you can just spy on them, if you want. Or go quad-bike riding, or speedboating, flying planes, playing golf, shopping for clothes, investing in real estate... or, y'know, stealing cars, shooting at police helicopters and killing hookers. They've 'reimagined the open-world game' - it's hard to vocalise just how vast the thing is. Here, watch this:

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